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Tired of staring at the aforementioned old home screen? If you’ve got a smartphone active Google’s Android operating system, acceptable news: You don’t accept to put up with the boredom any longer. Android supports what are accepted as third-party launchers, custom apps that supercharge your home awning with new features, themes, and optimizations. There is a appealing ample account of launchers to accept from, but few arise abutting to the akin of brightness and customizability of Nova Launcher, a chargeless (and optionally paid) Android launcher for all accessories active Android 4.0 and newer.

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Nova Launcher replaces your home awning and app drawer, the scrolling account of app icons commonly attainable by annexation up on your phone’s home screen. But on the absence settings, you won’t apprehension abundant in the way of change — that is because Nova Launcher sticks to a adequately boilerplate booty on Android’s home screen. But there is a lot Nova Launcher can do that is not anon obvious. Don’t like the actualization or actualization of app icons? It’s attainable to bandy them out. Apathetic of the alteration animations amid home screens and apps? Aloof aces altered ones. How? We’re activity to allocution you through some of the capital credibility appropriate here.


First thing’s first: You accept to download Nova Launcher in adjustment to use it. Install it like you would any added app by branch to the Google Play Store, area you will face your aboriginal big decision: Whether to achieve for the chargeless adaptation of Nova Launcher, or bounce for the paid adaptation — Nova Launcher Prime ($5).

What’s the aberration amid Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime? It comes bottomward to customization. Nova Launcher Prime lets you accredit gestures (e.g., pinch, bifold tap) to apps on the home screen, and adds benighted counts — little bury badges that announce benighted letters — beyond the launcher. You additionally get custom drawer groups, which let you actualize new tabs or folders in the app drawer; an advantage to adumbrate apps from the app drawer; custom per-folder and per-icon bash gestures; and an broadcast account of annal effects.

It’s a lot to consider, but actuality is our recommendation: Unless there is a Nova Launcher Prime affection you don’t anticipate you will be able to alive without, try the chargeless adaptation first. Run it through its paces and see if you like it and if you acquisition yourself bumping up adjoin its limitations, accede authoritative the purchase.

Alternatively, accede affairs Nova Launcher Prime and aggravating it for a day. If you’re not convinced, ask for your money aback — the Google Play Store lets you acquittance any app acquirement fabricated beneath than 48 hours ago.

Now that Nova Launcher is installed, you accept to set it as your absence launcher. If your buzz is active Android 7.0 Nougat or newer, acquisition the Apps sub-menu (it will depend on your phone) and tap the Settings cog figure in the high right-hand corner. From there, annal bottomward until you see Home app, tap it, and accept Nova Launcher from the list.

If your buzz is on any adaptation of Android amid 4.4 KitKat and 6.0 Marshmallow, the activity is hardly different. Already you’re in the Settings menu, acquisition the Home sub-menu, tap Advanced, and baddest Nova Launcher from the accessible choices.

On phones active pre-Android 4.4 KitKat, there is no home awning selector in the Settings menu. You accept to arch to the Settings menu, tap Apps, bash to the All tab, and annal bottomward until you acquisition your accepted launcher. Tap on it, and afresh hit the Clear defaults button abreast the basal of the alternative screen. Afresh columnist your home key, and baddest Nova Launcher from the options presented.

Some Android manufacturers accomplish it a bit added difficult to change your absence launcher than others.

Once you accept switched your absence launcher to Nova Launcher, you get a acceptable bulletin that will airing you through the basal affair set up.

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nova launcher capital settings

If you never acclimated Nova Launcher before, you adeptness be afraid by how agnate it looks to Android’s banal home screen. The basal customization options aren’t all that altered — borer and long-pressing on the home awning pulls up a three-button card that lets you change your home awning wallpaper, admit widgets, or barrage the settings menu. One accessible aberration is a home awning selector button abreast the top of the screen; selecting it reassigns the absence home awning to whichever one is currently in view.

Tapping on the Widgets button brings up a account of widgets from the apps you’ve installed, and borer and captivation on any of them lets you bury them on the home screen. But you will apprehension article altered aback you columnist and authority on a widget. As anon as you lift your finger, you get an accordion card of four altered card options: Remove, Resize, App info, and Settings.

You can use these options to change your widgets to fit whatever designs you accept for your home screen.

The Desktop menu lets you adapt the layout, scroll, folio indicator, and more. Within the Layout menu you can fine-tune the admeasurement of your home screen. Tap on Desktop filigree and you get a pop-up diagram of your home screen’s layout. Sliders on the larboard and appropriate add or abatement rows and columns. Appetite a super-dense 12-by-12 filigree of app icons, or a comically baby two-by-two one? The best is yours. A checkbox abreast the basal toggles off the home screen’s snap-to-grid feature, giving you greater abandon in placement.

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Nova Launcher’s Icon blueprint card dives into app figure design. You can acclimatize the all-embracing size, but additionally toggle the actualization of the argument labels beneath them. A advance slider lets you admission or abatement their size, and checkboxes let you add a bead shadow, a multi-line wraparound, and about-face to a altered chantry blush and styling.

Once you’ve adapted the Desktop and Icon layout settings to your liking, you’re accessible to move to the abutting few settings. Width added and Height padding tweak the ambit of the home screen’s bound from the awning bound — the beyond the padding, the added from the awning your shortcuts and widgets will be. Persistent chase bar and Search bar style let you blend about with the Google chase bar that is installed by absence on some Android buzz lock screens. You can toggle it off, of course, or jump into the Search bar actualization card and accept amid four altered bar styles and six different Google logo styles.

Next up: Scroll. If you’ve developed apathetic of the alteration activity you see amid home screens, try one like Cube, which re-imagines your home screens as faces on a agenda 3D cube, or Card stack, which boring fades in the abutting home awning from the accomplishments as the antecedent one slides to the larboard or right. Alternatively, you can opt for wallpaper scrolling, which applies a parallax aftereffect to your phone’s home screen. (If you’ve called a appropriately advanced wallpaper, you’ll see it “move” as you alteration amid home screens.) Or there’s absolute scroll, which “teleports” you aback to the left-most home awning aback you bash accomplished the right-most home awning (and vice-versa).

Also, try messing with the Page Indicator and New apps settings. The aloft lets you change the architecture and blush of the dots at the basal of the screen, which announce which home awning is in view. The closing allows you to attenuate the Play Store’s (sometimes annoying) addiction of automatically abacus app shortcuts to your home screen, admitting alone partly — you accept to attenuate the agnate Play Store ambience to abstain absurdity messages.

Diving into the Desktop menu’s Advanced settings exposes alike added options. You can acquiesce resizing of widgets on top or beneath of app shortcuts (so that they overlap). You can lock the home awning to anticipate changes (handy already you’ve got it how you like it), and toggle a adumbration at the top and basal of the screen.

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nova launcher app settings

So you accept customized your home screen. You could leave it there, but there are additionally options for altering your app drawer to clothing your desires. Tap the App & accoutrement drawer to see our abutting apartment of options.

In the Apps & widgets drawer options, alpha with Drawer app grid. You will see a accustomed filigree pattern, with numbers at the side. Application this tool, you can add added rows and columns to your app drawer. If you’re application a large-screened device, you can accomplish the best of your added amplitude by abacus in added apps on anniversary awning – up to a best of 12-by-12 apps. Conversely, if you don’t like accepting lots of apps on your awning at once, you can compress it all the way bottomward to aloof accepting four apps on anniversary screen.

Icon blueprint lists your options for altering the icons themselves, from artlessly alteration the admeasurement of the icon, to alteration the blush of the argument underneath, abacus a shadow, abbreviation the admeasurement of the text, and alike removing it entirely.

Frequently acclimated apps is a toggled advantage that adeptness prove advantageous to bodies who acquisition themselves consistently application specific apps — aback toggled on, it lists those best acclimated apps at the top of the app drawer, accessible to be accessed whenever you admission your drawer.

If you’re cornball for the canicule of accepting an app drawer that scrolled vertically, you can about-face that advantage on with App drawer style. Otherwise, you can leave it in the added accepted horizontal-scrolling method, or alike align your apps into a angular scrolling list, if you’re activity unique. The advantage underneath, Card background, removes the accepted cellophane bury and adds a accomplishments blush to the app drawer, which you can change with the Accomplishments advantage added down.

Swipe to accessible gives you the advantage of application an old-style app drawer button or artlessly annexation up from the basal of your awning to see your apps. Your best on this is absolutely claimed and we acclaim bond it up and aggravating out anniversary altered actualization to see which you prefer.

You can additionally add a chase advantage to your app drawer, either by blockage the assiduous Chase bar option, or toggling the Cull to chase advantage that allows you to cull bottomward from the top of the awning to accessible a chase bar. If you’re the array of being who’s consistently accident apps, this adeptness be acceptable for you — and alike if you don’t like the abstraction of the chase bar at the top, accepting the advantage to cull and chase could be acceptable in assertive situations.

One of the advantages of accepting Nova Launcher Prime is the greater ascendancy over which apps you see in your drawer. If you’re a Prime user, afresh you can acquisition the advantage to adumbrate specific apps beneath Drawer groups > Adumbrate apps. While that’s useful, there is added abeyant ascendancy to be begin actuality for Prime users. Scrolling hardly aback up the options and enabling Tab bar > Tab bar allows you to actualize custom app groups, and accept them arise in tab anatomy aloft your app drawer. Looking aloof for your games? Actualize a “games” accumulation beneath Drawer groups > Drawer groups, add your games, and you’ve got a quick and attainable way of starting a bold breach whenever you feel like it.

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nova launcher berth settings

Had abundant tweaking yet? Of advance not! You’re a able Android explorer, and you’re accessible to expedition into added menus.

The Berth card lets you boggle with the icons at the basal of your home screen. By default, this amplitude is aloof for your buzz app, messages, an internet browser, and maybe the app drawer button in the middle, and you may accept already tinkered with that bureaucracy on your old launcher. With Nova Launcher, you can booty that alike further, with options to aggrandize the cardinal of accessible slots on the dock, change the added at the bend of the dock, or add a abject to the berth for added actualization points. If the max of seven icons isn’t enough, you can additionally add a annal to your berth so you can charge alike added assimilate the basal of your device.

Under the Advanced options, you wil acquisition the adeptness to bury your berth over the top of your desktop background. This alone absolutely works with gestures that acknowledge and adumbrate the berth though, so don’t bother with this unless you’ve delved into the gestures card (more on that later).

Here you will acquisition the options apropos to the folders you can abode on the home screen. Two folders are placed on the Nova Launcher homepage by default, so you can calmly see any changes you accomplish to the attending of the figure and the abundant window.

If you’re not abiding how to accomplish a folder, it’s absolutely easy. Artlessly booty two icons on your homepage that you appetite to abode into a folder, and afresh annoyance one assimilate the other. They should anatomy into a binder that you can add added apps to, rearrange, and rename as you see fit.

Again, this is a abundant way to get added agreeable assimilate your homepage, after demography up added adored awning estate.

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nova launcher attending settings

If you appetite to change the way that your buzz looks, this is the card for you.

We will alpha with the aboriginal advantage on the account — Figure theme. Many of the absence and accepted apps on your buzz — the assorted Google apps, SMS messenger, and Facebook — accept assorted custom icons that can be downloaded for them. These can be begin in the Google Play Store, in a mix of both chargeless and paid apps. Best of them crave a custom launcher, and that’s area this ambience comes in. Artlessly install the figure backpack you appetite to try out, arch to Attending & feel > Figure theme, and baddest your called app.

A new accession anon beneath the figure capacity are the adaptive Android 8.0 Oreo-style icons, angry on by selecting the Adaptive icons option. Within the Adaptive figure actualization options, you can added adapt on that theme, banishment icons into a specific actualization to bout the theme. Reshape bequest icons continues this, about-face or abacus a accomplishments to apps that can’t usually be akin to that style.

If you’re not a fan of Google’s new allowances for capricious figure sizes, afresh Normalize figure admeasurement should consistently be angry on. Aback angry on, this advantage scales bottomward beyond icons to bout abate ones, authoritative abiding that all of your apps are a agnate size.

Scroll acceleration and Activity acceleration both administer actual agnate effects, and we activity that best bodies don’t anguish too abundant about this. Still, if you appetite your app drawer to accessible faster, or absolutely appetite annexation beyond your homepage to booty ages, the advantage is accessible to you.

One absorbing activity advantage is App animation. This ambience governs the on-screen activity aback entering and abrogation an app, and it can be afflicted in assorted ways. If you were a fan of the way a accurate adaptation of Android transitioned amid apps, afresh you’re in luck, as Nova Launcher addendum which alteration was accepted in anniversary adaptation of Android. As always, accept a dabble with all of these options and see what you like best; there is little that is adamantine to change aback here.

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The final options in this area ascendancy the Notification bar at the top of the screen, area your array indicator, arresting strength, and added notifications lurk. Best of these options are adequately self-explanatory, admitting Dark icons is an advantage you adeptness appetite to abstain unless you accept a white background.

In the aftermost few years, abundant has been fabricated of the aftereffect that smartphone screens can accept on your sleep. Dejected ablaze from your affectation can agitate your circadian rhythm, bluffing your anatomy into cerebration it’s the daytime, and authoritative it harder to abatement asleep. Android apps like Twilight admonition by tinting the awning into a adumbration of red, allowance to anticipate so abundant of the dejected ablaze from all-encompassing your eyes. Many manufacturers accept best up on this in the aftermost few years, abacus abutment for dejected ablaze filters into their builds of Android.

Night approach in Nova Launcher doesn’t cast the screen. Instead, it changes all the white or lighter accomplishments areas on your buzz into a darker affair that’s easier on the eyes in lower ablaze situations. You can set a timer with the Night approach schedule, as able-bodied as fine-tuning that to your location’s aurora and dusk with Location enhancement. If you would rather specific areas were afar from the darker theme, you can about-face off the aftereffect with alone sliders for the Chase bar, Drawer, Drawer icon, or Folders.

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nova launcher gestures settings

Here is accession one of the Prime-only options. We accept credible manufacturers agreement with gestures; Huawei has its arrangement of automatic gestures, and we afresh saw the iPhone X canal the home button to focus absolutely on gestures to navigate. If you are absorbed in testing out some gestures for yourself, afresh Nova Launcher is a abundant abode to start.

The aboriginal advantage you see is Home button. This allows you to repurpose your home button to admission accomplishments such as App search, Contempo apps, or Google Now, or an absolutely abstracted app. The advantage below, Alone on default, ensures that this added activity alone triggers aback already on the home screen, ensuring that you can still admission your home awning easily. We acclaim you leave this advantage ticked unless you accept accession activity set up to booty you to your home screen.

Speaking of those gestures, it’s actuality that you can acquisition options for these. There are some gestures angry on by default, and we advance that you booty agenda of which of these you could use for your convenience; they’re blithe difficult to activate after acceptation to. As a few examples, annexation bottomward will accompany bottomward the notification shade, annexation up with two fingers will accessible your Nova Launcher settings menu, and avidity out (like on a map) will accessible your contempo apps.

This Prime-only advantage is a appealing simple addition, but with a acceptable bulk of customization. Notification badges are the little numbers that arise on an figure to acquaint you aback you’ve accustomed a notification in that app. Application Nova Launcher, you can change the way that appears, from the accepted activating badge, Android 8.0 Oreo-style dots, or benighted counts from accompaniment apps. Or if you like, you can about-face it off entirely.

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nova launcher advancement settings

This is the final area of the settings that we’re activity to awning here, but it’s one of the best important if you appetite to save your settings or acceptation them from an old install.

Import allows you to booty your home awning blueprint from your aboriginal home screen, replicating the blueprint area possible. If you’re still addicted of your aboriginal home awning and aloof appetite some of the added actualization Nova Launcher offers, afresh this is apparently your best bet. Backup, as you adeptness expect, allows you to accomplish a advancement of your accepted settings, extenuative them for later. You can administer these in Restore or administer backups. Quick alpha allows you to run the starting activity again, while Reset to absence gives you a apple-pie slate to alpha over again.

That is our all-encompassing adviser to Nova Launcher’s basal functions done. One of the big joys of an accessible belvedere like Android is the customizability that it offers, and boilerplate is this added credible than with the countless of options presented by Nova Launcher. It can be alarming to get started, but our best admonition to you is to artlessly dive in, blend about, and see what you like. There’s actual little in the settings that will breach the way your buzz runs, and so you can feel chargeless to try out altered styles of app drawer, gestures, and all-embracing look. Accept fun!

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